Harnessing the latest advancements of self-assembly techniques to develop the next generation of nanostructures for the biotechnology and semiconductor industries

Mursla is a spin-off company from the Tokyo Institute of Technology where his co-founder developed a unique platform technology based on nanogap electrodes. While there is a large range of applications, we are currently elaborating a diagnostic tool for cancer with a primary focus on protein biomarker Erbb2 (mainly used for breast cancer diagnosis). Current standard of care is indeed very costly, time consuming and not sensitive or specific enough to provide with a satisfying benefit-cost ratio to patients.

Our key breakthrough is our ability to mass-produce electrodes with featured sizes down to 2 nm for the electrical analysis of living organisms (or any other molecules) at an extremely competitive price as well as to apply the latest multi-disciplinary findings in both nano-size material science and biotechnology.

Based on the miniaturisation level of our nanostructures, we are able to interact with molecules as small as a single protein. Therefore, we are fully taking part of the very promising proteomics revolution given the failed attempt by the Human Genome Project (genomics) to significantly explain the intricacies of the human body interactions leading to diseases. For more background information, please go to the suggested links section.