Mursla Bio presents its new logo to better reflect its core technology
New logo symbolises the secretion of an extracellular vesicle from its parental cell along with its markers of origin.
Mursla Bio announces key appointments to Advisory Board
Key opinion leaders in the fields of Extracellular Vesicles, liquid biopsy and liver disease support Mursla’s ambition
Mursla granted patents for novel nanoelectronics detection system for EVs
Mursla has been granted two patents for its novel nanoelectronics-based sensitive detection method for extracellular vesicles.
Cambridge Tech Awards 2019: Mursla among the #OneToWatch
Mursla was selected again as one of the most exciting tech companies to follow in the Cambridge cluster. https://www.cambridgeindependent...
Award for innovation in Cambridgeshire and East of England
We are delighted to have won the #onetowatch award as one of the most innovative companies in Cambridgeshire and East of England. The...